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Cooked ham

Phosphate-free premium-quality cooked ham

Europa cooked ham

Cooked pork shoulders

Cooked pork shoulder

“La Dulce” cold cooked pork shoulder

Cold cooked pork shoulder 11×11

Cooked pork shoulder sandwich meat 11×11

Turkey breasts

Premium-quality turkey breast

Top-quality turkey breast

Braised turkey breast

Turkey breast 11×11

Turkey galantines

Seville-style turkey

Turkey with pistachios

Chopped turkey


Top-quality bacon

Smoked bacon


Catalan botifarra

Cabeza de Jabalí
(wild boar meat)

Pork loin Sajonia

Bologna-style mortadella

Truffle chicken

Chicken breast 11×11

Mortadella and chopped

Chopped Pork

Italian-style mortadella

Italian-style mortadella with olives