Our company has its origins in 1966, when two families came together to consolidate an industrial project aimed at promoting their knowledge of the traditional delicatessen sector. 

The first factory is located in Bellpuig, in the province of Lleida, situated in a privileged geographical enclave —between Barcelona and Madrid— and which combines high mountain areas like the Pyrenees and its natural parks, with plains decorated with olive trees, fruit trees and farmland. It is also one of the most important areas for pig farming both not only in Catalonia but also in Spain.


In the past few years, the products, facilities and human team have been expanded, providing new knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment for the better development of the company.

Our main goal is to complement our long-serving and most recognized products (such as galantines) with traditional charcuterie that can be bought at delicatessen counters. These products are made with noble pieces of pork, turkey and chicken and are sold under the brand “Ax” which means Gourmet Charcuterie.  

The result is and will be the commitment of service to our direct client, the professional butcher who chooses and selects the best product for his consumers. 


A 21st century company should be governed by three fundamental pillars:

  1. Sustainability, we are a company committed to the environment and we continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our activity (reduction of energy consumption and waste generation).
  2. Quality and its guarantee, which is why we have been granted the strictest health certificates, including IFS Food, as well as other technical-health homologations required in other countries.
  3. Innovation, which we try to transfer from three aspects: the product itself, innovating in recipes to offer the best texture, flavor and aroma. Innovation in the factory, which is free of allergens (gluten, egg, soy, lactose and milk protein). And constant innovation in facilities, machinery and human resources. 
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